Babies with Down’s Syndrome Pose For Adorable Charity Photoshoot 🥰

The Leicestershire, England, clinic, Miracle In Progress, recruited baby girls Eliza, 8 months, and Jorja, 14 months, to participate in a calendar photoshoot. Both of the girls have Down syndrome, and their mothers were patients of the clinic during pregnancy.

While Eliza and Jorja certainly contribute the cute factor, they’re not the only stars of this show. Their moms and several midwives from the clinic got behind the lens as well, bravely baring it all for the sake of Down syndrome awareness. And in spite of initial reservations, it looks like they had fun doing it.

“To say we were all nervous was an understatement, worried about stretch marks, being overweight, not having the perfect body, etc!”

“Then 2 amazing babies joined us, one who has had major heart surgery, and wow did they smile for the camera! Even their mummies joined in!”

Proud adds that the shoot proved to be quite a success.

“Since doing the calendar the interest has been mind-blowing! We’ve had orders from all over the world!”

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